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​Genetic Epidemiology

updated: June 24, 2024


Genetic epidemiology is a field of science focused on the study of how genetic factors influence human traits, such as human health and disease. In many cases, the interaction of genes with the environment is also measured. Genetic epidemiologists seek to understand the causes, distribution and control of inherited disease in groups and the multifactorial causes of genetic diseases in populations.


Genetic epidemiology. Genetic epidemiology has a complex history. In many ways, the human genome project and genomics is the culmination of the promise of genetic epidemiology which, especially since the 2000s, has possessed the tools and the knowledge to understand how genomic diversity and the environment contribute to health and disease. Through genome-wide association studies and other tools, scientists continue to uncover the precise role of genetic and environmental influences on human health.

Christopher R. Donohue
Christopher R. Donohue, Ph.D.


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