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Dr. Stephanie Morris is a program director in NHGRI's Division of Genome Sciences.
Stephanie A. Morris, Ph.D. … Dr. Stephanie Morris joined the National Human Genome Research Institute’s …
Talking Glossary
This updated version of the Talking Glossary of Genomic and Genetic Terms was made possible through the skills, expertise, advice and contributions from many individuals.
… Paul Liu Prabarna Ganguly Sara Hull Shurjo Sen Stephanie Morris Teri Manolio Valentina Di Francesco Vence Bonham … …
The Advances in Genomic Technology Development (AGTD) 2023 Annual Meeting was hosted by the Technology Development Coordinating Center (TDCC) in-person and virtually from Tuesday, June 6, until Thursday, June 8, at The Sanford Consortium for Regenerative Medicine, La Jolla, CA.
… Ph.D. The Jackson Laboratory Carolyn Hutter, Ph.D. NHGRI Stephanie Morris, Ph.D. NHGRI Genome Technologies: Protein-DNA … Chrzanowski Winter, MS, Locanabio, Inc.               Stephanie Dusaban Gonzales, Ph.D., Goodwin Katannya Kapeli, …
The Genomics and Society Working Group advises on planning and priorities for genomics and society activities at NHGRI.
… J.D., M.A. George Washington University, 2021-2025   Stephanie Russo Carroll, Dr.PH, M.P.H. University of Arizona, …
News Release
Researchers funded by NHGRI’s Genome Technology Program include a wide range of investigators with a variety of scientific expertise.
… biology and find new ways to improve human health,” says Stephanie Morris, Ph.D., Lead Program Director for the NHGRI Genome …
The Genomics Landscape
In the October 1, 2020 edition of The Genomics Landscape, Dr. Eric Green reflects on the last 30 years since the launch of the Human Genome Project.
… Human Genetics (ASHG) interviewed NHGRI Program Director Stephanie Morris about the Institute’s new Impact of Genomic Variation … genome function, and phenotypes. In the interview, Stephanie answered questions about the central research …
News Release
Genomicists and clinicians are beginning to offer patients genetic testing for a list of treatable diseases apart from the one that brought them into the clinic.
… and translate it into improved long-term health. … Amanda Morris gave her father a DNA-testing kit as a birthday gift … percentage of Jewish ancestry. Surprised by these results, Morris also decided to take an ancestry test, which verified that she was a quarter Jewish. Morris wondered if her results may have potential health …
… Mike Pazin, Stephanie Morris, and Dan GilchristNational Human Genome Research … in Relationship to Genome Function (UM1)27Contact: Stephanie Morris, Objectives:•Use …
… NHGRI Technology Development Coordinating Center (TDCC) - Stephanie Morris
Research Funding
The Multi-Omics for Health and Disease Consortium aims to advance the application of multi-omic technologies to study health and disease in ancestrally diverse populations.
… and childhood NAFLD (LEON) Study Disease Study Site** Stephanie Christenson*, Neeta Thakur, Stephanie Holm, John Balmes, Tuuli Lappalainen University of …