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Dr. Sean Conlan is an associate investigator in the Translational and Functional Genomics Branch at the National Human Genome Research Institute.​
… around the globe. cre are resistant to most, if not all, antibiotics, with investigations reporting as high as a 40 to … common feature of cre is that genes encoding resistance to antibiotics are carried on mobile dna sequences called … microbial genomics, human microbiome, dna sequencing, antibiotics … sean conlan, bioinformatics, microbial …
15 Ways Genomics Influences Our World
Genomics is advancing the study of individual and communities of microbes.
… you may have also heard of situations where the overuse of antibiotics in both the medical and agricultural fields has contributed to bacteria becoming  resistant to antibiotics , because with more exposure, bacteria that … findings should make people think about  the overuse  of antibiotics in our world, since in the most extreme cases of …
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A plasmid is a small, often circular DNA molecule found in bacteria and other cells.
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Talking Glossary English
… the same components as bacteria, they cannot be killed by antibiotics ; only antiviral medications or vaccines can …
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NHGRI participated in a science communications contest called the Three-Minute Talk. NHGRI's Ryan Johnson came away with a first place win.
… the kpc gene normally confers resistance to carbapenem antibiotics . interestingly, we find that numerous …
Genetic Disorders
Methylmalonic acidemia is a group of inherited disorders in which the body is unable to process certain proteins and fats (lipids) properly.
… a low-protein, high-calorie diet, certain medications, antibiotics and in some cases, organ transplantation. … (vitamin b12) given as an injection, carnitine, and antibiotics . the diet is protein restricted to limit the …
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The skin microbiota plays an intricate role in the human immune system, directing many immune functions and defending against bacterial pathogens.
… pressures on the skin biota, such as increased usage of antibiotics , less exposure to environmental microbes in soil …
Genetic Disorders
Severe Combined Immunodeficiency is a severe, genetic condition of the immune system.
… people afflicted with this disease often have to take antibiotics and supplemental infusions of antibodies to …
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The NIH-funded Integrative Human Microbiome Project presented at the International Human Microbiome Congress.
Dr. Adam Phillippy is head of the Genome Informatics Section and a tenure-track investigator in the Computational and Statistical Genomics Branch at NHGRI.