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ELSI-Policy Planning Group (EPPG)

Wylie Burke, Chair
University of Washington
Department of Medical History
and Ethics of Medical Genetics

Adrienne Asch
Wellesley College
Program on the Biology,
Ethics, and Politics of
Human Reproduction

David Burgess
Boston College
Department of Biology

Troy Duster
Department of Sociology
New York University

Karen Hendricks
American Academy of Pediatrics

Eric Juengst
Case Western Reserve University
Center for Biomedical Ethics
School of Medicine
Raynard Kington
Office of Behavioral and Social Sciences Research
Office of the Director
National Institutes of Health

Maynard Olson
University of Washington
Genome Center
Division of Medical Genetics

Bonnie Pagon
University of Washington
Children's Hospital and Medical Center
Department of Opthamology

Ted Peters
SRC Program Director
Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences

Sharon Terry
Genetic Alliance Board of Directors

Lori Zoloth
San Francisco State University
Jewish Studies Program

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Last Reviewed: May 8, 2012

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