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University of Washington: GenOM Project
Genomics Outreach for Minorities


Application Dates Success Stories
March 1, 2011: GenOM ALVA Summer Research Internship for high school seniors and incoming freshman are due.
March 1, 2011: GenOM Undergraduate Summer Research Internship application is due.

Undergraduate Research applications for the academic year are accepted at all times
Success Stories



Program Description

The GenOM Project at the University of Washington (UW) aims to reverse a trend of decreasing underrepresented minority enrollment in Ph.D graduate programs by recruiting minority students into genomics research careers. To achieve the goals of enhanced recruitment, retention and training, this comprehensive program has generated a suite of tools and research activities that range across grade levels and support services. Ambitious in nature and broad in scope, the GeNOM programs target pre-college, undergraduate and graduate students while offering educational tools, research opportunities and financial suppor. Tools that have already been generated indluce genetics curriculum for grade school and middle school classrooms wtih teacher support services; pre-college and undergraduate research opportunities including summer exchange program, financial support, and graduate school advising assistance; and graduate opportunities in state of the art research labs at the University of Washington. For more information about any of these programs, or if you have questions, please follow the links above or contact the GeNOM program coordinator, Lisa Peterson.

Research Opportunities

The GenOM Project offers several opportunities for research.  High school seniors and incoming freshmen can participate in our ALVA Summer Research Program, a 9 week summer internship that provides students with intensive ethics and lab training, math and chemistry courses, and first-hand, quality experiences in laboratories of established researchers.  For more information on this program, and to see past participants' profiles visit our website:

Undergraduate students at the University of Washington can participate in the undergraduate research program that takes place during the academic year.  In addition, the GenOM Project also has a Summer Undergraduate Research Program open to students from any undergraduate institution.  These programs  provide students with opportunities to probe deeper into the cutting-edge science of genomics and gain hands-on experience in established laboratories.  For more information on these two programs and to see the profiles of past participants, visit our website:

The GenOM Project also has a variety of programs geared towards graduate students, including a fellowship program.  For more information please visit our website:

Appplication Requirements

Applications for all of the GenOM programs include application forms, a short personal statement, transcripts and two letters of recommendation. Applications can be found on our website.  The application deadlines vary depending on the program.

We also strive to create a network of researchers, graduate students and professors in research at UW using the resources of the Centers for Excellence in Genomic Science, the Genome Training Grant, the Genetics Training Grant, various research grants, and academic departments.

Principle Investigators (PI):

  • Maynard Olson, Ph.D. and Dierdre Meldrum, Ph.D. (Grant#: P50-HG002360 and U54-HG002043)
  • Stanley Fields, Ph.D. (Grant#: T32-HG000359)


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