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The Jackson Laboratory Educational Programs

Summer Student Program

Application Deadline Website
Application Deadline: February 2, 2015 Summer Student Program

Established in 1924, The Jackson Laboratory (JAX) Summer Student Program has a proven track record of excellence in genetics and genomics research education. Each student conducts original hands-on research as a contributing member of a sponsoring scientist's research team. Projects are tailored to the student's background and interests. Research areas focus on advancing the knowledge of molecular, developmental, genetic, biochemical and immunological mechanisms related to normal growth and development and human disease. Both laboratory research and computational, bioinformatics and database projects are offered. The Laboratory provides a stimulating environment for students interested in experiencing the day-to-day challenges of scientific research. The JAX SSP offers programs at two sites: The Jackson Laboratory in Bar Harbor, Maine and The Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine in Farmington, Connecticut.


High School Students : At the time of participation in the program, a high school student must (1) have completed Grade 11 or Grade 12; (2) be at least 16 years old; and (3) be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident.

College Students : At the time of participation in the program, a college student must (1) be enrolled as a full-time undergraduate student; (2) have at least one semester of undergraduate school remaining before graduation; and (3) be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident.

Underrepresented minority students are especially encouraged to apply.
Stipend and Housing

All students receive room and board in a dormitory setting (2 - 4 students per room), travel between their home and JAX, and are paid a summer stipend of $4,500.

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Doctoral Program

Application Deadline Website
Application Deadline: Set by Cooperative Institutions JAX Predoctoral Program

The Cooperative Doctoral Training Program of The Jackson Laboratory (JAX-CPTP) is a collaborative and integrated program that provides focused research training opportunities in mammalian genetics and clinical genomics for PhD trainees from a variety of academic institutions, on the JAX Bar Harbor (ME) and Farmington (CT) campuses. Students in the JAX-CPTP follow degree requirements (e.g., courses, laboratory rotations, etc.) stipulated by the individual academic programs in which each trainee is enrolled. JAX-CPTP trainees are exposed to a diverse array of academic scientific courses as well as opportunities to engage with an international array of leading scientists participating in courses and conferences. Many required courses are conveniently offered via real-time interactive video conferencing with local sites, so that students do not have to leave the JAX campuses. The overall aim of the JAX-CPTP is to produce scientists fully and effectively engaged in mammalian genetics and genomics research and its translation into diverse arenas and career opportunities. For trainees, their access to excellence in research is enabled by strong, knowledgeable and supportive mentors, a rich scientific and academic environment, and unparalleled scientific resources.

Formal cooperative agreements exist with the Tufts University Sackler School Genetics Program ("JAX Track") and the University of Maine, Orono, Maine Graduate School of Biomedical Science and Engineering (GSBSE). Additionally, PhD students from other institutions who wish to conduct research on either of the JAX campuses, e.g., foreign or short-stay students, can participate in the JAX-CPTP. Arrangements and logistics for housing, video-conferenced classes, and programming, are facilitated by the JAX Genomic Education (JGE) office and its Pre- and Postdoctoral Program Director.


We are seeking students with strong academic records, especially candidates with prior research experience. Prospective students will apply directly to the Program through the University of Maine Graduate School or Tufts/Sackler.


All students admitted to the program receive stipends and tuition support.

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Postdoctoral Training

Application Deadline Website
Application Deadline: None JAX Postdoctoral Training

The Postdoctoral Program at the Jackson Laboratory (JAX) is a comprehensive and integrated training program that provides superb professional development opportunities for fellows in a context of dedicated research at the forefront of mammalian genetics. The overall aim is to produce outstanding young scientists fully and effectively engaged in diverse aspects of their professional careers. Excellence in research training is enabled by strong, knowledgeable and supportive mentors, a rich scientific and academic environment, and unparalleled scientific resources. Excellence in career preparation is provided by requirements and opportunities such as grant writing, ethics workshops and "Whole Scientisttm" courses and embedded practicums. Trainees are exposed to a diverse array of academic scientific courses at both pre- and post-doc levels, as well as opportunities to engage with international array of leading scientists participating in courses and conferences. Guardianship of developing careers is the primary focus of the Training Committee. By providing faculty mentoring teams, oversight by a Training Committee to ensure scientific career progress and educational programs that respond to the postdoc's training needs.

The Postdoctoral Program ensures all trainees have access to adequate funding opportunities, training and scientific resources to carry out their work leading to successful careers.  Institutionally, JAX provides a fully engaged JAX Genomics Education (JGE) Office and administrative support for training and mentoring committees. Funding for stipends and for programmatic opportunities is provided not only through mentor grants, but JAX has also historically provided a limited number of postdoctoral fellowships and stipends. Examples of such funding are T32 training grants and the JAX Scholars Program, which aim to recruit and retain exceptional young scientists and provide them with opportunities to interact with the scientific leaders of the Laboratory.

The foundation of our training program is a one-to-one relationship between a trainee and his or her sponsor, with the trainee expected to work mainly in the laboratory of the sponsor. The Jackson Laboratory is an acknowledged world leader in mammalian genetics, maintaining extensive genetic resources and Shared Scientific Services to support research by over 35 faculty groups. Research foci include Cancer, Developmental Biology & Aging, Genomics, Hematology/Immunology, Metabolic Diseases, Computational Biology and Neurobiology & Sensory Deficits.

A special training program for Veterinarians is also available.

See currently available Faculty and Postdoc positions [].

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Research Opportunities and Principal Investigators (PI)

At The Jackson Laboratory, 55 Principal Investigators lead research groups in seven major areas:
  • Aging: genetic and physiological causes of age-related diseases and disorders
  • Bioinformatics/Computational Biology: mouse genome informatics, comparative genomics, complex traits, next-generation sequencing and annotation.
  • Cancer: bone, cervical, leukemia, liver, lymphoma, mammary, ovarian, cancer stem cells.
  • Reproductive Biology, Stem Cells and Development: fertility, embryogenesis, birth defects, Down syndrome, gene expression
  • Immune System and Blood Disorders: anemia, autoimmunity, immune system disorders, cancer
  • Metabolic Diseases: diabetes, gallstones, hypertension, obesity.
  • Neurological and Sensory Disorders: blindness, cerebellar disorders, deafness, epilepsy, glaucoma, macular degeneration, neurodegenerative diseases, motor neuron disease.

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