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University of Washington Interdisciplinary Training in Genomic Sciences

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Varies University of Washington Interdisciplinary Training in Genetics


The NIH/NHGRI Genome Training Grant prepares pre and postdoctoral trainees for research careers in acquiring and interpreting genomic data and using this information in biomedical research. We recognize that this type of research will demand interdisciplinary approaches and multidisciplinary collaborations. One goal of this program is to attract individuals from the physical sciences and engineering to the forefront of modern biological research. The program also trains cellular and molecular biologists in other disciplines so that they can effectively collaborate at this interdisciplinary interface. Toward this end, we support fourteen predoctoral and seven postdoctoral trainees each year.


Predoctoral candidates must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents enrolled in a University of Washington Ph.D. program, carrying out thesis research with a participating faculty member.

Postdoctoral candidates must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents with a Ph.D., sponsored by one of the program faculty.


Predoctoral trainees receive a stipend of $22,032 per year, which may be supplemented by individual UW departments. Postdoctoral trainee stipends vary according to years of experience per NIH guidelines.

Research Opportunities

There are 43 participating faculty members. Please see GTG Faculty for a complete listing and links to research descriptions.

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