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Minority Action Plan (MAP) Portal

Nationwide Programs

Location Research Opportunities and Resources Contact
The Broad of MIT and Harvard []
Cambridge, Mass.
The Diversity Initiative []
High school, Undergraduate, Postdoctoral and Visiting Professor Programs
Shawna Young
California Institute of Technology []
Beckman Institute []
Pasadena, Calif.
Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships Seth Ruffins
Center for Biomolecular Science and Engineering []
University of California
Santa Cruz, Calif.
University of California at Santa Cruz Diversity Program in Genomic Sciences Zia Isola
Center for Causal Consequences of Variation (CCV) []
Harvard Medical School
Cambridge, Mass.
CCV: Our Commitment to Diversity Lee Bitsoi
Genome Center of Wisconsin []
University of Wisconsin
Madison, Wisc.
Genomic Sciences Training Program at University of Wisconsin Louise Pape
The Genome Center at Washington University in St. Louis []
Washington University School of Medicine
St. Louis, Mo.
Opportunities in Genomics Research Cherilynn R. Shadding, Ph.D.
Genomics: Life On a Chip []
Microscale Life Science Center
University of Washington College of Engineering
Seattle, Wash.
GenOM Project: Genomics Outreach for Minorities Lisa Peterson
Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology []
Cambridge, Mass.
Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology Summer Institute Sarah Griffith
Human Genome Sequencing Center []
Baylor College of Medicine
Houston, Tex.
Minority Diversity Initiative in the Human Genome Sequencing Center at Baylor College of Medicine Debra Murray
The Jackson Laboratory Educational Programs []
Bar Harbor, Maine
The Jackson Laboratory Educational Programs
Summer Student, Postdoctoral Training and Predoctoral Programs
Joanne Berghout
Michael Mckernan
Johns Hopkins Center for Excellence in Genome Science []
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
Baltimore, Md.
The Johns Hopkins University Center Scholars Program Vicky Schneider
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) []
Cambridge, Mass.
Molecular and Genomic Imaging Center (MGIC) Summer Program for Undergraduate Students Benita Wolff
Stanford School of Medicine's Ph.D. Programs in Biosciences []
Stanford, Calif.
Stanford Summer Research Program Melanie Bocanegra, Ph.D.
University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) []
Los Angeles, Calif.
UCLA Genomic Analysis Training Program Jenny Luna
University of Washington Department of Genome Sciences []
University of Washington
Seattle, Wash.
University of Washington Interdisciplinary Training in Genomic Sciences Brian Giebel
Yale Center for Excellence in Genomic Science []
New Haven, Conn.
Yale Center for Excellence in Genomic Science
K-12, Undergraduate and Graduate Research Programs
Michael Snyder
Kenneth Nelson
Nancy Kerk

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Last Updated: August 12, 2014