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Resources and Reports

Research into health disparities crosses the Department of Health and Human Services and the NIH. Resources, reports, and strategic plans to address health disparities are available from a variety of sources.

Health Disparities

NIH defines health disparities research to include basic, clinical, and social sciences studies that focus on identifying, understanding, preventing, diagnosing and treating health conditions such as diseases, disorders, and such other conditions that are more serious, or more prevalent in racial and ethnic minorities or socioeconomically disadvantaged (i.e., low education level, poverty) and/or medically underserved, rural, and urban communities.

Minority Health

Research focused on identifying, understanding, preventing diagnosing and treating such conditions as diseases and disorders, including mental health and substance abuse, that are unique to, more serious in, or more prevalent in racial and ethnic minorities (i.e., African Americans, Asian Americans, Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islanders, Hispanic/Latino, Native Americans/Alaska Natives).

Health Disparities and Minority Health Resources

HHS and NIH Resources


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Last Updated: February 7, 2018