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GNE Myopathy Clinical Studies at NIH


Lectures by NIH Investigators 

Disorders of Sialic Acid Synthesis: Pathway and Prospects for Therapy
Presented February 2016: SBP Rare Disease Day Symposium 2016
Presenter:  Marjan Huizing, Ph.D., NHGRI, NIH.

Advancing ManNAs as a Therapy for GNE Myopathy
Presented February 2015: SBP Rare Disease Day Symposium 2015
Presenter: Nuria Carrillo, M.D., NIH.  

N-acetylmannosamine (ManNAc) or Sialic Acid as Therapy for Disorders of Hyposialylation 
Presented February, 2012: SBP Rare Disease Day Symposium 2012
Presenter: Marjan Huizing, Ph.D., NHGRI, NIH.

Scientific Publications 


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Last Updated: July 24, 2017