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The National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI) has multiple position openings for Health Scientist Administrators (Program Director and Scientific Review Officer) in the Division of Genome Sciences, Division of Genomic Medicine, Division of Extramural Operations), and Office of the Director.

Position Description

The Program Director(s) in Genome Sciences and Genomic Medicine will develop and manage a portfolio of grants, provide scientific expertise and advice to NHGRI leadership, and participate in NHGRI and trans-National Institutes of Health (NIH) funded consortia and working groups focused on genomics. Division of Genome Sciences candidates should have expertise in population genomics, statistical genetics or other related areas in human genomics or bioinformatics. Division of Genomic Medicine candidates should have expertise in genotype-disease associations, disease risk prediction, ancestrally diverse populations, pharmacogenomics, variant interpretation and/or clinical implementation.

The Program Director in the Office of the Director will take overall responsibility for developing and implementing the NHGRI Extramural Training Program, develop and manage a portfolio of grants, provide scientific expertise and advice to NHGRI leadership, and participate in NHGRI and trans- NIH working groups focused on training and workforce development. Candidates should have expertise in genomic sciences, workforce diversity development and extramural training opportunities.

The Scientific Review Officer in the Division of Extramural Operations will analyze the scientific content of grant applications, organize and run peer-review meetings, and provide written summary statements of reviews. Candidates should have expertise in a broad range of genomic areas, including functional genomics, genomic technology development, implementation of genomics in clinical care, computational genomics and data science, and the ethical, legal and social implications of genomics research.


Ideal candidates for all positions will have expertise working in interdisciplinary teams and must be skilled in communicating with others to advance program goals. Ideal candidates will also have familiarity with the NIH grants process. All applicants must meet the basic requirements for a Health Scientist Administrator.

Salary and Benefits

The salaries for these positions are based upon individual qualifications and professional experience. A full benefits package is available, which includes, but is not limited to retirement, Thrift Savings Plan participation, health, life and long-term care insurance.

How to Apply

The NIH will be accepting applications for these Health Scientist Administrator positions September 20-September 29, 2021. See the global recruitment announcements for GS-12/13/14 and GS-15 non-supervisory positions posted during that time period. Applicants are encouraged to include a cover letter describing their interest in, and qualifications for one of  these NHGRI positions. 

For more information about applying to NIH positions see: Information for Applicants.


For more information, or to express interest in a position, please contact:

HHS and NIH are Equal Opportunity Employers.

Last updated: September 17, 2021