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Dr. Edward Giniger is an adjunct investigator in NHGRI's Genetics and Molecular Biology Branch.
… that carries information to its synaptic partners. Dr. Giniger's lab seeks to understand the molecular mechanisms … 2015. [ PubMed ] … Biography … Publications … Edward S. Giniger, Ph.D. … Edward Giniger, information processing, neural circuits, …
… Alan Edward Guttmacher, M.D. … Archive …
… Donnai o McKusick Award: Arthur Beaudet o Advocacy Award: Edward McCabe o Mentorship Award: John Mulvihill o Early …
News Release
It’s teatime and doctors, researchers and patients are at the table. They celebrate a decade of work and launch the first in-human gene therapy trial for children with a rare and devastating disease, GM1 gangliosidosis.
Dr. Paul Meltzer is an adjunct investigator in NHGRI's Cancer Genetics and Comparative Genomics Branch.
NHGRI sponsored the IGNITE and Beyond: The Future of Genomic Medicine Implementation meeting in Bethesda, Md, on August 30, 2016.
… of Genomic Medicine Implementation meeting at the John Edward Porter Neuroscience Research Center in Bethesda, Md, … future genomic medicine implementation program(s). … John Edward Porter Neuroscience Research Center (Building 35A) 35 …
For Teachers
Lesson plan based on an award-winning DNA from the Beginning website, an animated primer on the basics of DNA, genes and heredity.
… of the disease of dark urine? How did George Beadle and Edward Tatum prove what Garrod proposed? What concept was …
Dr. Daniel Shriner is a researcher in NHGRI's Center for Research on Genomics and Global Health.