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Media Resources

General Information

Mission, NHGRI history, Minority Initiatives, more.

Broadcast Media
Digital asset files created by Genome Productions for use by broadcast media to assist with the preparation of news stories.

Image Gallery
High resolution JPEG photographs and illustrations for print or media use.

Fact Sheets
Basics on the policy, science and technology behind NHGRI advances, including DNA microarray technology, DNA sequencing, genetic discrimination, more.

Genome TV
NHGRI's collection of video resources. A wide variety of videos is available, from lectures, to news documentaries, to full video collections of meetings that tackle the research, issues and clinical applications of genomic research.

Backgounders on Leading NHGRI Scientists and Administrators

Eric D. Green, M.D., Ph.D.
Director, National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI)

Dan Kastner, M.D., Ph.D.
Scientific Director, NHGRI Division of Intramural Research (DIR)

William Gahl, M.D., Ph.D.
Clinical Director, NHGRI

Lawrence Brody, Ph.D.
Acting Director, Division of Genome Sciences (DGS)

Teri Manolio, M.D., Ph.D.
Director, Division of Genomic Medicine (DGM)

Lawrence Brody, Ph.D.
Director, Division of Genomics and Society (DGSoc)

Bettie Graham, Ph.D.
Director, Division of Extramural Operations (DEO)

Ellen Rolfes, M.A.
Executive Officer, National Human Genome Research Institute
Director, Division of Management (DM)

Laura Lyman Rodriguez, Ph.D.
Director, Division of Policy, Communications and Education (DPCE)

NHGRI and The Human Genome Project

All About the Human Genome Project
The history of the development, process and completion of the Human Genome Project.

Department of Energy Human Genome Project Information []
Human Genome Project publications and multimedia resources sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy.

About the Institute: A History and Timeline
Important milestones in NHGRI history.

Online Education Kit: Understanding the Human Genome Project
Produced by NHGRI, this free multimedia education kit for students and educators.

Speakers from the National Human Genome Research Institute
How to request a speaker from NHGRI.

Extramural Research Reports and Publications
Planning, program review, task force and workshop reports.

Genetics and Genomics:

Approved Sequencing Targets
A listing of animals and organisms currently funded for sequencing.

Talking Glossary of Genetic Terms
Illustrated, audio glossary of common genetic terms.

Last Updated: September 1, 2016