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The NHGRI Genomic Data Science Working Group facilitates a deeper engagement of the National Advisory Council for Human Genome Research on complex issues at the interface between genomics and data science.


The NHGRI Genomic Data Science Working Group was created in 2017 as a subcommittee of the National Advisory Council for Human Genome Research. The working group has been charged with providing input to the NHGRI Director and other institute leaders about relevant trans-National Institutes of Health issues related to data science, for which NHGRI is frequently called upon for leadership and expertise. The general remit is deliberately broad, with the intent to make the working group poised to consider the full spectrum of data science challenges (from data management to data usage, including policy-related elements) as they relate to all areas of genomics (from basic science to genomic medicine implementation).


Michael Boehnke (University of Michigan)
Gill Bejerano (Stanford University)
Eric Boerwinkle (UTHealth School of Public Health and Baylor College of Medicine)
Lon Cardon (BioMarin)
Nancy Cox (Vanderbilt University)
Mark Craven (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
George Hripcsak (Columbia University)
Trey Ideker (UC San Diego)
Gail Jarvik (University of Washington)
Mark Johnston (University of Colorado School of Medicine)
Anthony Philippakis (The Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard)
Valentina Di Francesco (NHGRI)
Eric Green (NHGRI)
Carolyn Hutter (NHGRI)
Allison Mandich (NHGRI)


Valentina Di Francesco, M.S.
Valentina Di Francesco, M.S.
  • Lead Program Director Computational Genomics and Data Science
  • Division of Genome Sciences

Last updated: August 14, 2019