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​Genetic Testing

updated: July 20, 2024


Genetic testing is the use of a laboratory test to examine an individual’s DNA for variations, typically performed in the context of medical care, ancestry studies or forensics. In a medical setting, the results of a genetic test can be used to confirm or rule out a suspected genetic disease. Results may also be used to determine the likelihood of parents passing on a genetic mutation to their offspring. Genetic testing may be performed prenatally or after birth. Genetic testing is also used to study the genomes of tumors in cancer cases.


Genetic testing. Genetic testing can be a powerful diagnostic and predictive tool that can help people understand more about the biological basis of a health condition they may already have or may be at an increased risk to develop in the future.

Julie Sapp
Julie C. Sapp, Sc.M., C.G.C.

Genetic Counselor

Precision Genomics Section