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Director's Report-Related Documents: February 2015

Director's Report (25.5 MB)PDF file

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No. Relevant Documents
1 New Video Spotlights NHGRI Programs
2 New NHGRI Executive Officer
New Branch Chiefs, NHGRI Division of Policy, Communications, and Education

New Chief, Genomic Healthcare Branch
New Chief, Education and Community Involvement Branch

4 Changing Role for Vence Bonham
5 Upcoming NHGRI Recruitment: Division of Genomic Medicine
NHGRI Implementation of NIH Genomic Data Sharing Policy

NIH Genomic Data Sharing Policy Website
Federal Register Notice on NIH Genomic Data Sharing Policy
NIH Guide Reminder for the Extramural Scientific Community

7 President Obama Visits NIH
President Obama's State of the Union Address: January 20, 2015


Precision Medicine Initiative

President Obama Speaks about the Precision Medicine Initiative
Whitehouse Fact Sheet - President Obama's Precision Medicine Initiative
Whitehouse Blog - The Precision Medicine Initiative: Data-Driven Treatments as Unique as Your Own Body
NIH Website - Precision Medicine Initiative
New England Journal of Medicine Perspective - A New Initiative on Precision Medicine
Upcoming Meeting - Precision Medicine Initiative: Building a Large U.S. Research Cohort

Obama Administration Changes

New U.S. Surgeon General
U.S. FDA Commissioner to Step Down

National Library of Medicine

Retirement of Donald Lindberg
New Working Group to Chart the Course for the NIH National Library of Medicine

Cessation of the National Children's Study

Statement on the National Children's Study
Working Group Report on the National Children's Study

13 Renaming of an NIH Center: NCCIH
14 New Deputy Director, National Institute of General Medical Sciences
21st Century Cures Act

Section Summaries on the Discussion Draft
One-Pager on the Discussion Draft
Full Text of the Discussion Draft

16 Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions (HELP) Committee Report
17 Annual Appropriations
18 Mourning the Loss of Mary Lyon
19 National Medal of Science and National Medal of Technology and Innovation
20 Lasker~Koshland Special Achievement Award in Medical Science
21 Awards at 2014 ASHG Annual Meeting
22 2015 Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences
23 Elected to the Institute of Medicine
24 Elected to AAAS
25 New Director, Woods Hole Marine Biological Laboratory
26 New Executive VP of Global Research and Chief Scientific Officer, Vertex
Opening of the Jackson Laboratory on Genomic Medicine

Dedication Ceremony

28 The Scientist's Top Ten Innovations 2014
29 NHGRI Genome Advance of the Month
Genomics in The News ...

The (Unmet) Potential Value of Cancer Genome Testing
Young, Brilliant, and Underfunded
Genome Sequencing in Babies to Begin as Part of Study
Foundation Medicine Reimbursement Progress Marked by Google
Why, Oh Y?

Genomes in The News ...

Oxytricha Germline Genome
Glanville Fritillary Butterfly
16 Anopheles Species
House Fly
Modern Human Man Who Lived in Siberia ~45,000 Years Ago
Snub-Nosed Monkey
Four Species of Mudskippers
Bowhead Whale
Cat Genomes
A Flock of Bird Genomes

Genome Sequencing Program

Genome Sequencing Program Website
Centers for Common Disease Genomics (UM1) RFA-HG-15-001
Centers for Mendelian Genomics (UM1) RFA-HG-15-002
Notice of NHLBI participation in the Centers for Mendelian Genomics RFA
Applicant Information Webinar

33 Large-Scale Genome Sequencing and Analysis Centers
The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA)

NIH TCGA Program Website
NIH News Release for Thyroid Cancer
NIH News Release for Head and Neck Squamous Carcinoma
The Cancer Genomics Hub (CGHub)

Centers for Mendelian Genomics (CMG)

CMG Program Website
NHGRI CMG Program Website

36 Clinical Sequencing Exploratory Research (CSER) Program
Genome Sequencing Informatics Tools (GS-IT)

GS-IT Program Website
iSeqTools Portal

DNA Sequencing Technology Development

DNA Sequencing Technology Development Program Website
Website to Register for Public Meeting

ENCyclopedia Of DNA Elements (ENCODE) Project

ENCODE Project Website
ENCODE Consortium Publications List on the ENCODE Portal
ENCODE Community Publications List on the ENCODE Portal
Mouse ENCODE Main Paper
Mouse ENCODE Publications with Links to Companion Papers

40 Genomics of Gene Regulation Project
Centers of Excellence in Genomic Science (CEGS) Program

CEGS Program Website
NIH Guide

42 GAIN Data Access Committee
GWAS Catalog

GWAS Catalog Program Website
GWAS Diagram Browser

44 Electronic Medical Records & Genomics (eMERGE) Network
45 PhenX Toolkit
PAGE Multi-ethnic Genotyping (MEGA) Array

PAGE Program Website
NHGRI PAGE Program Website

47 Clinical Genome Resource (ClinGen)
48 Newborn Sequencing In Genomic Medicine and Public HealTh (NSIGHT)
49 Genomics and Society Working Group
ELSI Research Program

ELSI Program Website
Centers of Excellence in ELSI Research (CEER) Program Website

Human Microbiome Project (HMP)

iHMP Program Website
iHMP Marker Paper 2014
IHMC Congress Luxembourg

Knockout Mouse Phenotyping Project (KOMP2)

KOMP2 Program Website
International Mouse Phenotyping Consortium

Library of Integrated Network-based Cellular Signatures (LINCS)

LINCS Program Website
NIH LINCS Program Website

Human Heredity and Health in Africa (H3Africa) Initiative

H3Africa Website
The Scientist- Funding Research in Africa
The Scientist- Opinion: On Funding Research in Africa

Undiagnosed Diseases Network (UDN)

NIH UDN Program Website
NHGRI UDN Program Website

56 Big Data to Knowledge (BD2K) Initiative
Genome Privacy Challenge

iDASH Program Website
iDASH Privacy Challenge

Inter-Society Coordinating Committee for Practitioner Education in Genomics (ISCC)

ISCC Program Website
"The Growing Role of Professional Societies in Educating Clinicians in Genomics"

59 Physician Resources Now on G2C2
60 Newborn Screening Saves Lives Reauthorization Act of 2014
Clinical Trials Policy Update

NIH Office of Science Policy Clinical Trials Definition
HHS Issues Notice of Proposed Rulemaking to Implement Clinical Trial Reporting Requirements
NIH Issues Draft Policy to Promote the Use of Single Institution Institutional Review Boards in Multi-Site Clinical Research Studies

Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

Genetic Testing and FDA Regulation: Overregulation Threatens the Emergence of Genomic Medicine
FDA Regulation of Laboratory-Developed Diagnostic Tests: Protect the Public, Advance the Science
FDA Workshop on Oversight of 'Next-Generation' Genome Sequencing

Informed Consent Resource for Genomics

Informed Consent Resource for Genomics
NHGRI Updates Online Resource on Informed Consent for Genomics Research

Genome: Unlocking Life's Code Exhibition

Exhibition Website
Closing Symposium
Military Family Day at the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center
Exhibition Travel News Feature
Exhibition Travel Schedule

65 Report of the NIH Intramural Research Program Working Group
66 2014 CHANEL-CERIES Research Award
67 2014 Rare Voice Award
68 2014 NSGC Leadership Award
69 2014 South African Medical Research Council Scientific Merit Award
2014 AJHG C.W. Cotterman Award

Award Website
Integrative DNA, RNA, and Protein Evidence Connects TREML4 to Coronary Artery Calcification

NHGRI Intramural Research Highlights

Rotimi: "The African Genome Variation Project Shapes Medical Genetics in Africa
Rotimi: "Researchers Conduct Comprehensive Genomic Study of Sub-Saharan Africans"
Segre: "Biogeography and Individuality Shape Function in the Human Skin Metagenome"
Segre: "The Skin Microbiome: More than Skin Deep"
Venditti: "Vector Design Influences Hepatic Genotoxicity after Adeno-Associated Virus Gene Therapy"
Venditti: "NIH Researchers Tackle Thorny Side of Gene Therapy"

The Genomics Landscape: A Monthly Update from the NHGRI Director

Listserv Sign-Up
Issue Archive

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Posted: February 6, 2015