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Director's Report-Related Documents: May 2016

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No. Relevant Documents
1 Bettie Graham: Beyond Genomics
2 New Director, National Library of Medicine
3 New Director, NIH Environmental Influences on Child Health Outcomes (ECHO) Program
4 New Commissioner, U.S. Food and Drug Administration
5 National Cancer Moonshot Initiative
6 Basic Science: Bedrock of Progress
Genetic Research Privacy Protection Act

Genetic Research Privacy Protection Act Bill
Genetic Research Privacy Protection Act Fact Sheet

8 NIH Appropriations and Budget
9 AAAS 2015 Philip Hauge Abelson Prize
10 Canada Gairdner Awards
11 Genetics Society of America 2016 George W. Beadle Award
12 New Fellow, Royal Society
13 Elected to National Academy of Sciences

New President, Rockefeller University


New Chief Scientific Officer, Metabiota


MIT Technology Review Breakthrough Technologies for 2016

17 Sequencing Human Genome Rated Top Healthcare Advance of Past 40 Years
20th Anniversary Issue of Nature Biotechnology

Biomedical Research Feature
Research Tools Feature

Genomes in the News

Bed Bug
Spotted Gar
430,000-Year-Old Hominins
Filter-Feeding Mediterranean Mussel
Atlantic Salmon
California's Endangered Island Foxes
More Galapagos Finches

Genome Sequencing Program

Genome Sequencing Program Page
Genome Sequencing Program Press Release

Technology Development Program

Technology Development Program Page
Novel Nucleic Acid Sequencing Request for Applications
Novel Genome Technology Development Program Announcements

ENCyclopedia Of DNA Elements (ENCODE) 

ENCODE Program Page
ENCODE Users Meeting
Publication on Temporal Dynamics
ENCODE Consortium Publications List on the ENCODE Portal
ENCODE Community Publications List on the ENCODE Portal
ENCODE Funding Opportunity Announcements

Electronic Medical Records & Genomics (eMERGE) Network

eMERGE Program Page
eMERGE Consortium Website

Clinical Sequencing Exploratory Research (CSER) Program

CSER Program Page
CSER Consortium Website
CSER2 RFA for Clinical Sites 
CSER2 RFA for Clinical Sites with Enhanced Diversity
CSER2 RFA for Coordinating Center
Baylor College of Medicine Tumor Yield Paper

Implementing Genomics In  Practice (IGNITE) Network

IGNITE Program Page
IGNITE Consortium Website

Clinical Genome Resource (ClinGen)

ClinGen Consortium Website
ACMG/CAP Guidelines for Interpretation of Sequence Variants

Newborn Sequencing In Genomic medicine and public HealTh (NSIGHT)

NSIGHT Program Page
Pediatrics Supplement

28 Genomic Medicine Working Group
29 Computational Genomics and Data Science Program

Research Training and Career Development Program 

Integrative Human Microbiome Project

NIST-NIAID-HMP Standards for Microbiome Measurements Workshop
Fast Track Action Committee on Mapping the Microbiome (FTAC-MM) Report
An Assessment of U.S. Microbiome Research

Library of Integrated Network-based Cellular Signatures (LINCS)

LINCS Consortium Website
NASA Tournament Lab

Protein Capture Reagents Program

Protein Capture Reagents Program Page
Protein Capture Reagents Program Data Portal
Protein Capture Reagents Program RFP


Human Heredity and Health in Africa (H3Africa) Program

Undiagnosed Diseases Network (UDN)

NIH UDN Program Page
NHGRI UDN Program Page
UDN Gateway
UDN and Beyond Video

Precision Medicine Initiative (PMI)

PMI Cohort Program Page
New Director, NIH PMI Cohort Program
Overview of NIH Activities Highlighted at the White House PMI Summit
NIH PMI Cohort Program Funding Opportunities Page

37 Genomic Medicine on
History of Genomics Program

History of Genomics Program Page
"A Quarter Century after the Human Genome Project's Launch: Lessons Beyond the Base Pairs" Seminar Series

39 Investigational Device Exemptions (IDEs) and Genomic Research Workshop
40 Short Course in Genomics: Nurse, Physician Assistant, and Faculty Track
41 National DNA Day 2016
42 2016 USA Science & Engineering Festival
Genome: Unlocking Life's Code Exhibition

Exhibition Page
NHGRI Exhibition Page
Exhibition Travel Schedule
Discovery World in Milwaukee, WI
Natural History Museum of Utah 
eNewsletter Subscription Link


Partnership for Community Outreach and Engagement in Genomics

45 Senior Member, International Society for Computational Biology
NHGRI Intramural Research Highlights

Muenke: "NIH Creates Atlas of Human Malformation Syndromes in Diverse Populations"
Muenke: "An Electronic Atlas of Human Malformation Syndromes in Diverse Populations"
Biesecker: "New Study Challenges Gold Standard for Validating DNA Sequencing Results"
Biesecker: "Systematic Evaluation of Sanger Validation of Next-Generation Sequencing Variants"
Ostrander: "Researchers Identify Genomic Signature in Some Aggressive Prostate Tumors"
Ostrander: "Biallelic BRCA2 Mutations Shape the Somatic Mutational Landscape of Aggressive Prostate Tumors"

The Genomics Landscape: A Monthly Update from the NHGRI Director

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