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Genomic Medicine for Patients and the Public

Photo of physician consulting with a patient

Genetics and Genomics for Patients and the Public covers everything from detailed information about genetic disorders, background on genetic and genomic science, the new science of pharmacogenomics, tools to create your own family health history and a list of online health resources.


  • GenomeTV
    GenomeTV is the National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI) collection of video resources. A wide variety of videos is available, from lectures, to news documentaries, to full video collections of meetings that tackle the research, issues and clinical applications of genomic research.

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Community Involvement and Community Health Resources
Family History
Genetic and Genomic Science and Research
Genomic Medicine and Health Care
Genomics in Medicine Lecture Series
Online Health Resources
Specific Genetic Disorders

Last Updated: july 21, 2016