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Carlos Bustamante

Carlos Bustamante, Ph.D., is a population geneticist and Professor of Biomedical Data Science and Genetics at Stanford University. He is also the Founding Director of the Stanford Center for Computational, Evolutionary, and Human Genomics (CEHG). Professor Bustamante also sits on a number of editorial and advisory boards and recently served on the National Advisory Council for Human Genome Research. He has received several prestigious awards, including being named a MacArthur Fellow – commonly referred to as the “Genius Grant”- in 2010. In this interview Professor Bustamante will recount his early academic career at Harvard in Richard Lewontin’s lab and later at Oxford, and his work as an advisor on the 1000 Genomes Project. He also discusses the history of population genetics as well as complexities around the study of human variation and its connection to disease.