Scientific Advisors to the NHGRI Genome Sequencing Program

Ewan Birney, Ph.D. Joint Associate Director
of the EMBL-EBI &
Senior Scientist
European Bioinformatics Institute
Rex Chisholm, Ph.D. Professor of Medical Genetics
(Professor in Cell and Molecular Biology,
Center for Genetic Medicine and Surgery)
Northwestern University
Andy Clark, Ph.D. Professor of Population Genetics Cornell University
Bill Gelbart, Ph.D. Professor of Molecular
and Cell Biology
Harvard University
Deirdre Meldrum, Ph.D. Director,
The Biodesign Institute,
Biosignatures Discovery Automation
Arizona State University
Len Pennacchio, Ph.D. Deputy of Genomic Technologies, DOE Joint Genome Institute & Senior Staff Scientist Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, DOE
Pamela Sankar, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Medical Ethics and
Health Policy
Perelman School of Medicine,
University of Pennsylvania
Alan Williamson, Ph.D. Private Consultant Private Consultant

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Posted: June 12, 2014