Guidelines for Great Presentations
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Guidelines for Great Presentations

Teacher Critique of the Presentation

Feedback from presentations may be gathered on forms such as this. The speaker will be sent an evaluation as a guide for future presentations. (Teacher Critique of the Presentation )

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Teacher Critique of the Presentation

Please evaluate the presentation.

Use 1 as inappropriate to 5 as excellent.

Enthusiasm of speaker 1       2       3       4       5
Voice quality and articulation 1       2       3       4       5
Adaptability and flexibility 1       2       3       4       5
Appropriate Use of English 1       2       3       4       5
Organized procedure 1       2       3       4       5
Adequate summary 1       2       3       4       5
Appropriate content level 1       2       3       4       5


  1. What are the strengths of the presentation?

  2. What were the weaknesses of the presentation?

  3. What would you change in the presentation?

  4. Would you have the presenter again next year?

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