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Genomic Data Sharing Policy

Additional Resources

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NHGRI supports and complies with all NIH data sharing policies.  NHGRI provides information about its expectations for implementation of the NIH Genomic Data Sharing (GDS) Policy and provides links to additional informational resources below. 

Background Information

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Resources for Investigators Submitting Data

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Resources for Investigators Requesting Access to dbGaP

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Resources for NHGRI Intramural Staff

NHGRI intramural staff should refer to specific instructions for NHGRI forms and submitting plans on the Genomic Data Sharing Policy Resources page on (Requires NIH log-in).

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Frequently Asked Questions


If you have any specific questions about how to comply with GDS Policy, whether GDS Policy applies to your project, or anything genomic data sharing related, contact: Vivian Ota Wang, Ph.D. at

If you have any policy questions, contact: Laura Lyman Rodriguez, Ph.D. at

For webpage questions, contact: Cara Weismann, Ph.D. at Cara.Weismann@nih.govTop of page



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Last Updated: April 5, 2018