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Sample Collections of Potential Use for Sequencing Studies of Common, Complex Diseases

The projects listed on the Excel spreadsheet linked below represent existing sample collections across the world that potentially may be used for sequencing studies of common, complex diseases.This spreadsheet was developed by staff from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and distinguished external experts advising the NIH on potential large-scale sequencing efforts.

Resource limitations make it impossible to ensure the completeness or verify the accuracy of the entries, but our advisors felt it would be useful to share even in its current form. The spreadsheet will be updated periodically as more information becomes available.

To offer information that can complete any of the entries in the spreadsheet, or to propose other sample collections for inclusion, please contact Ian Marpuri at ian.marpuri@nih.gov.

It is anticipated that this information may eventually be used to identify potential sample collections for use in large-scale sequencing studies.

Go to: Sample Collections of Potential Use for Sequencing Studies of Common, Complex DiseasesMicrosoft Excel file

For questions or comments about the inventory, please e-mail Ian Marpuri at the address above.

Microsoft Excel icon To view this MS Excel spreadsheet, you will need MS Excel. You can download a free copy of the latest version of Excel Viewer from Microsoft.




Last Updated: May 2, 2012